Nov 13 2006

Sam Adams

While sitting here waiting for Monday Night Football to resume from halftime, I started listening to Dust.wav by Perpetuous Dreamer (Armin van Buuren) and I thought how Sam Adams has not made a poor beer. I have had several varieties of Sam Adams over the years and can’t think of a single variety that I did not agree with. Thank you Jim Koch and the other brewmasters at Sam Adams for crafting such an excellent product.

Over the years I have had (of the top of my head):
1. Boston Lager
2. Boston Ale
3. Cream Stout
4. Pale Ale
5. Winter Lager
6. Brown Ale
7. Hefeweizen
8. Black Lager
9. Scotch Ale
10. Octoberfest
11. Honey Porter
12. Summer Ale

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