Dec 04 2006

Tony Kornheiser: Worst Monday Night Football Host, Ever!

While I sit here watching the Eagles battle the Panthers, I am reminded of how absolutely awful Tony Kornheiser is as a football announcer. I thought Theismann was bad, but christ, Kornhieiser makes Joe look like Dan Dierdorf. Mike Tirico is the only competent one in the booth, and I guess we’re all lucky that he’s the one with the play-by-play duties.

And what the hell is with all the fantasy football talk from Kornholeser?!?! Is he getting paid by EPSN to push the fantasy site or what? I haven’t seen a bigger advertising whore since Anna Nicole Smith was pushing that TrimSpa shit on late night cable.

Point is Kornheiser is an ass, his commenting sucks, and ESPN should find somebody else for next season. I’d actually like to see Pat Summerall, Abe Vagoda, and Hugh Hefner in the booth. You would not be able to understand a goddamn thing they were saying, but at least it would not be the inane banter of Kornheiser (a.k.a. The Fluffer) and second-fiddle Theismann.

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