Feb 12 2007

Assholes That Don't Use Parking Spaces

While sitting in a Subway restaurant enjoying my lunch with a couple of co-workers, we witnessed a woman pull up in her SUV and park in the loading zone. She turned on her four-way hazard lights, got out of the vehicle and came into the restaurant to order a sandwich.

We sat there wondering why would someone do that when there were plenty of parking spaces 30 feet away in the ‘peasants’ parking lot. Even when she realized that the line was 10 people deep, she stood there and waited 15 minutes to get her majesty’s cuisine. Meanwhile, cars are having to swerve around her illegally parked car. Where’s a cop when you need one.

The only thing I could surmise, was that we had failed to see the big ‘C’ painted on the ground directly underneath this woman’s SUV that would have clearly indicated to us ‘common folk’ that specific location was indeed her’s to park upon.

So if anyone reading this little anecdote of my life happens to be at the Subway in Collegeville, PA, and notices someone parked in the loading zone, please be sure to ask them how far they had to get the silver spoon shoved up their tight, pompous, holier-than-thou ass before they were allowed to park their fucking car anywhere they goddamn please. I am going to bet the poor underpaid spoon-shover got up to at least his elbow before this woman thought she was worthy of such a privilege.

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