Sep 19 2007

Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, North Korea, and a little O.J.

I’m no expert on foreign affairs, but someone’s asleep at the global wheel here. You couldn’t go anywhere today without hearing something about one of these topics today. Everyone’s all hush hush about why Israel attacked Syria a few weeks ago, and now every thinktank is putting their own spin on it just to whore themselves to the media. Who gives a damn if Israel wants to start shit with Syria? or Iran?

The whole goddamn pissing contest between Israel and everyone else in that region has gone on long enough. It’s never going to end. It’s been going on since the beginning of written history. It’s a piece of dirt, and Israel and Lebanon have the smallest pieces of it. Personally I think one of the bigger nations, say Egypt, should just give a bit of land in Sinai to the Palestinians to call home so they’re happy, and let Israel have the West bank, give Gaza to the Palestinians since 1.4 million of them live there anyway. Golan Heights will be given back to Syria so their happy. If any of these countries are serious about making that region a better place, then they need to stop fucking around and just get to it. Personally I think Israel is a bunch of fucking babies who want everything and go running to the West every time the rest of the Middle East gets fed up with their shit. So if they want to fly over Syria, fine, but don’t come crying when Syria hits back. They pulled the same shit back in 2003.

Jerusalem. Listen. It’s in Israel. Fucking deal with it. The Jewish, Christians, Muslims, and Armenians all have a quarter of the Old City. Learn to share, or you don’t get to play.

North Korea. Stay on your fucking side of the world and stop starting shit with countries you shouldn’t be starting shit with. If you wanna come out of the dark and start being social, then do it respectfully, and stop running around behind peoples backs trying to figure out how nuclear fission works and what all the hype with the iPod is. Nobody’s impressed that you can shoot shitty missile out into the Sea of Japan and the North Pacific. Even China’s starting to get pissed off with that crap.

Iraq. The biggest cluster fuck of all time. Jesus Christ. Just when you think it can’t get more screwed up, Blackwater goes and ups the ante. Fuck ’em. Cut ’em loose, prosecute the dick heads involved to show good faith to the Iraqis, and move on. It’s hard enough for our military men and women to deal with the insurgency, without these Blackwater motherfuckers shooting up the place.

O.J. has got to be the stupidest asshole on this planet. You got off with murder, and your worried about your goddamn football shoes? I don’t know if you got setup, but if you did, my hat if off to the folks who pulled it off. If you didn’t then you are more of a fool then I originally thought. I hope your ass rots for good, because this entire country is sick of seeing your fat face walk free.

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