Oct 24 2007

WYSP Sucks Balls

While driving to work this morning, I was un-pleasantly surprised to hear only rock playing at 5:55am. Then the song ended, and as I thought to myself “here comes the O&A intro”, I was shocked to hear Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream instead. The next thought that went through my head was “Maybe they’re a little late this morning. It’s happened before”, but then Tom Petty ends, and another song starts. Now I’m pissed. Those little cocksuckers over at YSP finally validated the rumors that have been flying around for the past couple of weeks and have pulled the Opie and Anthony show from their station.

If the management over at WYSP had any common sense they would have left Opie and Anthony in place, and let Kidd Chris have is regular afternoon drive show. You can play music the rest of the day, but the morning and afternoon drives in a market where close to a million people commute to work each day are key time slots, and in today’s society if people want to hear music, they are going to listen to a CD, iPod, or XM/Sirius satellite radio, not the “same shit, different day music” that is heard on terrestrial radio. Hell, I’d rather listen to NPR and have to filter out the left-wing bullshit than listen to a radio station that is playing the same fucking music I have been listening to since 1977. If I wanna hear Good Times, Bad Times, I’ll put the CD in or key up the iPod. I am certainly not going going to tune the radio to 94.1 to hear a lame ass, fucking cover by Sully and the rest of Godsmack. I don’t mind a cover of a classic, if it’s done with some taste and respect, but those beat-offs didn’t even try to do anything with the song. It sounds like a no-talent junior high band trying to prove themselves by saying “Hey look, we can play a Zeppelin tune.”

Now the question is: Will WYSP further validate the rumors and move Kidd Chris to mornings, and if so, will he have his normal show, or is it going to be interspersed with music after the breaks. We will have to wait and see. I might listen since I enjoy Kidd Chris’ show, but it is mostly music and it sucks ass, it’s going to be just as bad as Preston and Steve on MMR, the ratings will suffer and someone’s going to get shitcanned. Back to square one.

I could also pony up the cash and buy a XM receiver and subscription, but that is a last resort. I only listen to the radio in the mornings and in the afternoons during the drive. It’s not cost effective to pay for XM. Maybe I’ll just load up the CD changer with some Floyd or NIN and listen to that. Oh wait. I’ve already done that since YSP butchered Kidd Chris’ regular afternoon show back in September.

I wonder what the song lineup will be tomorrow morning, not that I care. I won’t be listening. WYSP: Go fuck yourselves.

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