Dec 15 2007

Nucleus is Dead, Long Live WordPress

As I foreshadowed back in an earlier post, I have chosen to dump Nucleus as my blogging platform in favor of WordPress. So if you came to my site with a 404 Page Not Found error, have no fear, the content you long for still lives. Simply type a simple search query on the sidebar search panel, click Search, and hopefully your quest will be at an end.

For those unfortunate to still be using Nucleus, and wanting to upgrade to WordPress, do not be intimidated by the conversion process. You will lose your comments, but the content, images, categories, etc. is all salvageable. I simply used the RSS feed from my Nucleus site as an export tool, performed some minimal search/replace on the XML file, and then imported it into WordPress. It was very painless. I was lucky enough to use the lessons learned from a fellow convert who has a very detailed explanation of the upgrade process here.

WordPress is so much easier to use, the interface is much better than Nucleus, the administration is far superior, and don’t get me started on the widget, plug-in, and theme selection. Thanks WordPress.

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    • jess on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    Congrats on a successful migration! I enjoyed Nucleus for quite awhile, but the development slowed down, and I’ve really enjoyed WordPress ever since moving over. Glad my post was able to be of some help!

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