Jan 01 2008

Glenfiddich 15-year Solera Reserve

I recently bought a bottle of Glenfiddich 15-year Solera Reserve scotch, as a second choice due to the fact that the local spirits store was out of The Macallan 12-year scotch that I normally buy. I know price is not the only indicator of quality when buying wine and spirits, I was a little wary as the price of the Glenfiddich 15-year was $20 less that the 12-year The Macallan, but I decided to try something new and made the purchase anyway. The Glenfiddich was very smooth as one would expect from a 15-year scotch, and overall it is a very good scotch. If I had the choice however, I would still prefer The Macallan, but now I know of a good contingency choice if the store is ever out of The Macallan.

Happy New Year.

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