Jan 09 2008

Choosing a Presidential Candidate

With the plethora of both Democratic and Republican candidates currently campaigning for their respective party nomination, the average American citizen of voting age (e.g., me) might be wondering the same thing I was: “Which candidate best shares my views on the topics that I find most important?” After a few Google searches, I came across glassbooth.org. Glassbooth allows you to first select and give weight to the topics that you find most important.  Glassbooth then constructs a series of questions applicable to those topics. After answering those questions, Glassbooth shows you the top three candidates that align closest to your answers. You also have the option of selecting any candidate to see how they matched up. I found the website most enlightening as it allowed me to see not only which candidate I might choose to vote for, but Glassbooth also shows supporting evidence about why the candidate has a particular position on that topic. Sometimes it’s a reference to a speech given, or for those that were Congressmen or Senators, their voting record on such topics as the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, or healthcare.

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