Feb 15 2008

Writer’s Block

I have been really busy as of late (haven’t we all?), and every time I think about something to write about, I jot down a few notes so I will remember what it is I wanted to write about. As of late it has been stupid shit I hear or read about in Mass Media; things like the asshole Danes reprinting the illustrations of the prophet Mohammad that pissed off all the Muslims around the world in an effort to promote Freedom of Speech. The problem is that when I get around to sitting down to type my two cents into the computer. My creative side takes a vacation, and I have no motivation to write.

So now it is a week later, and I still can’t find the energy or motivation to transcribe the utter crap that is seeing the light of day in Mass Media this week. Aside from the whole Mohammad cartoons bit, the local news has been about the Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell, ‘playing the race card’ in a effort to support Hillary Clinton. What utter bullshit. Anybody who got past the headline and sound bite and listened to what the governor actually said would have realized that he was making a general statement about the view of some percentage of the voting population in the state. Of course the Obama supporters are going to spin it one way, and the Hillary supporters will explain what Rendell ‘meant to say’, but seriously, who cares? He did not play the ‘race card’. He made a generalized comment that has some truth to it. You know, come to think of it, there is most likely a percentage of Pennsylvanians and Americans that won’t vote for Obama because of his skin color, but there’s also a percentage that will. The same stupid generalized comment can be said for Hillary and her being female; some will vote for her because of it, and some won’t for the same reason. Personally, I think if you vote for someone because of their gender, skin color, or race, then you’re an idiot, and probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place. So what if he said it. Everyone has been saying it. They may have not been focusing on the Pennsylvania electorate, but every news agency and pollster has been asking the question since this presidential campaign began. The real crime here is that Mass Media has jumped all over this and turned it into something it’s not.

As for this whole offensive cartoons of Mohammad, everyone needs to chill the hell out. The Muslim world has a right to be offended, but they don’t have the right to murder the men who drew the cartoons, nor do they have the right to riot all over the place. I understand that an overwhelming majority of Muslims simply chalked it up to ignorance on the Danish newspaper and their staff, but the media isn’t going to show you that side of of Islam, they are going to show you the 1% that wants to trash McDonald’s and burn flags, and so on an so forth. This happened over two years ago, and everything calmed down, or so we thought, but this week the Danish intelligence released news that their was a murder plot against one of the illustrators that drew one of the original twelve cartoons and they had arrested three men, two of which were going to be expelled from the country, and the other was released on bail. Once this news got out, what did the Danes decide to do? That’s right. Let’s call all of our newspapers buddies in Denmark and across Europe and have everyone reprint the same cartoons as a gesture of the Freedom of Speech. This is the point where ignorance from two years ago has matured into full-blown stupidity. Everyone knows that when you attack someone’s religious beliefs, all hell is going to break loose, and Mass Media will be there to show the worst parts of it in all of its sensationalized goodness. I can’t wait until Sony Pictures releases Angels and Demons next year, and the Catholics get all bent out of shape again. Maybe Mel Gibson will make Passion of the Christ: The Early Years, and we can piss of the Jewish people once more. I can’t wait.

So in summary, it appears my writer’s block is gone.

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