Feb 20 2008

Bitburger Premium Pils

I’ve recently been drinking European beers, as opposed to the local area microbrews. I picked up a case of one of my favorite pilsners, Bitburger. I first learned of this beer from my father, who used to drink it when he was stationed at Bitburg Air Base in the early 80s. This beer has always had mixed reviews, you either like it or you don’t. It pours a clear yellow with very little head. It’s good cold or slightly above room temp. It has a medium hoppiness to it with a dry aftertaste, and leaves you with a clean palette. Another favorite of mine is Pilsner Urqell from the Czech Republic. I think I might get a case of that tomorrow. Until then, Bitte ein Bit.

Here’s the review from RateBeer.com.

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