May 13 2008

False Assumptions and First Impressions

My sister and brother-in-law recently moved to Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany, and my brother-in-law just sent an e-mail with his first impressions. I thought they were a bit profound and thought they should be shared.

“Germany isn’t quite what I expected: no permeating smell of stale body odor and Drakkar cologne, no feminine hairy armpit sightings (yet!), no fat little kids wearing lederhosen, no radio station playing “99 Luftballoons” all day…although I did hear “Der Kommissar” on the radio last week and enjoyed it IMMENSELY.

Travel here was a crazy day and a half, but we obviously survived.  It was weird when we arrived here, the Customs agent told us that we had to throw out the milk in Livi’s sippy-cup.  Turns out that the Germans incinerate dairy products from other countries due to a fear of Mad Cow disease.  At first I thought that was harsh, but considering the Germans had a history of incinerating people at one point, maybe incinerating dairy isn’t so bad after all.”

I think I’ll go listen to some Rammstein now.

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