Nov 21 2008

Budweiser American Ale

After seeing the advertisements, and going back and forth in my mind about wanting to spend money on a case of Budweiser, I decided to finally pull the trigger and go for it. I have tried Budweiser beers before and have not cared for them. This beer has changed my opinion of Budweiser.
This beer has a nice amber color with a white head. There is a bit of hops and malt in the aroma, and the same is true for the taste. The beer has a medium body and a pleasant finish. I truly enjoyed this beer. So much so, that it has become my “typical beer”, and at just around $20 a case, it doesn’t pinch the wallet like most microbrews do.

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Maybe next I will try those new Michelob styles and see if they aren’t half bad.

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