Jan 25 2009

Michelob Craft Collection

I picked up a case of the Michelob Craft Collection a couple of weeks ago.  The collection includes an Irish Red, Pale Ale, Porter, and an Oktoberfest styled Marzen.

I rated the Pale Ale lower than the other beers.  In comparison with other Pale Ales, Bass, Sierra Nevada, etc.  The body and hoppiness of the beer is not as balanced as other Pale Ales.  The hoppiness of the beer overpowers everything else and prevents the ability to truly taste the beer.  The Pale Ale is gold-orange in color with a medium body, and beige head.

The Irish Red is a decent attempt at the traditional Irish malt ale.  Somewhat similar to Killian’s in style and flavor.  It is a mild tasting and very drinkable beer.  It is brewed with toasted caramel malt, and is orange-red in color.  I would drink this beer again.

The Marzen is Michelob’s tribute to Oktoberfest.  It is a medium-bodied, smooth, lager that is reddish-copper in color.  In my opinion, the Stoudts and Beck’s Oktoberfest beers are far superior to Michelob’s Marzen.  I would rink this beer again.

The best beer in this collection is the Porter.  Brewed with caramel and chocolate malts, this beer is full bodied, and black in color with deep ruby red hues.  It has a caramel head and is very smooth.  I would definitely drink this beer again.

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