Mar 02 2009

Sierra Nevada ESB

I have thought about trying the Sierra Nevada ESB (Early Spring Beer) for quite awhile since I think their Pale Ale is most excellent.  I happened to be in Molly Maguire’s last Friday for a after work get-together and they had it on draft.  I had a couple of pints and it was very, very good.  This beer was reddish amber in color with a moderate white head.  I think they just tapped the keg because the first several glasses had to be poured out by the bartender.   Once I was able to get a nice glass, I was able to enjoy its crisp, sweet aroma.  The first thing you notice about this brew is the quick bite it gives your tongue.  Subsequent drinks are not as sharp as your palatte adjusts to the beer.  The second glass was equally as enjoyable as the first.  I would highly recommend this beer to anyone .

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