Mar 06 2009

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Jackass Drivers

Rt. 422 was a fun place to be this morning if you wanted a course in defensive driving.  These two posterchildren for “People That Need to be Shot” were out in the wild this morning.

The douche driving the gold Acura TL that got off at the Sanatoga exit, cut all the way over from the leftmost lane to the exit in front of two cars at about 50 mph and almost caused an accident.

Douche in the gold Acura TL

Douche in the gold Acura TL

The other jackass was crusing in his black Toyota Camry in the left lane at 45 mph (posted 55 mph) talking on his cellphone, weaving all over the lane, and absolutely oblivious that there were other people driving all around him.  8 cars passed him before I did, and he was still clueless.

Oblivious in the black Toyota Camry

Oblivious in the black Toyota Camry

I think Pennsylvania needs to pass the “No talking on the damn phone while driving the car because your underdeveloped walnut of a brain can’t perform more than one complex task at a time” law.

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