Oct 21 2009

Can’t Find Shit on Oracle’s Website

When Oracle first announced that they were acquiring BEA, the first thought that went through my head wasn’t “I wonder if Oracle AS will be dropped in favor of WebLogic.”; it was “Oh great! Now I won’t be able to find shit on the WebLogic forums too.”

It’s been several months since the acquisition, but today I got fed up.  BEA used to have a website, dev2dev.bea.com, where they would post clever tips, tricks, etc. about the WebLogic platform.  I would have thought that Oracle would have kept all of this “useful” content alive after the website consolidation, but I was wrong.  It wasn’t bad enough they killed the forums at BEA, which has since caused all Google searches to come up with a plethora of dead links since the BEA URLs no longer exist.  Links from other forums to BEA listings are now worthless as well.

But hey, I can always go over to the forums at Oracle’s website and search there right?  One would think that was a logical solution, that is until they found out the honest truth:  Oracle’s search engine is powered by the Total Perspective Vortex.  At least that is what it feel’s like each time I attempt to find any God-damned thing on their site.

All I wanted was the article about the Thread Dump Analyser (TDan) tool that was written a while back.  It’s the best tool out there IMHO for performing thread dump analysis and being able to represent the output in a visual way.  It’s a good thing I keep a backup copy of the tool available.

Good Night.

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    • Totally Agree on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 8:06 am

    Poor customer service and documentation.

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