Nov 24 2009

Modeling in Color

I just finished leading the modeling session as chief architect of the problem domain (PD) for a new application, and I had forgotten how exhausting the process is.  We had a fantastic moderator who did well to keep us on point and focused toward our objective.  We have about 50 or so objects, and I think we will need about 10-20 more moment-interval (pinks) to handle the additional audit trail requirements.

I am working on finishing up merging and formatting the model notes from all the developers who participated.  I should be done with that by the end of the day.  Then it’s on to the real work of breaking this thing down into discrete features that we can put into work packages and get this thing built.

I did have a few “Being John Malkovich” moments during the modeling session when I thought Jeff De Luca was in my head controlling my actions, but it was all for the better.

The great thing about modeling a PD is the sense of accomplishment at the end of two weeks and seeing your problem domain in front of you on a 6’x10’ sheet of paper.


Now I need to starting working on the UI and SI design.

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