Feb 06 2011

ReadSync Facebook App for Kindle Users

Ever since I got my Kindle at Christmastime, I was thinking that there should be an application that lets you view your Kindle bookshelf, and share books with friends, share what you are reading, have read, and may recommend.  I have been using the weRead on Facebook for quite awhile, but you have to manage the bookshelf manually. This is not a complaint as I have many physical books that would not work with a Kindle-only application, but the majority of books a Kindle owner has will be the electronic formats of the books.

I did a little research this morning and came across the ReadSync Facebook application which syncs with your Amazon Kindle bookshelf. The application lets you view all the books you have sync’d to your Kindle. It lets you share a book on your wall with friends, and even see your friend’s bookshelf (if they are also using the application.) This looks to be exactly what I wanted.  The only drawback is those hardcover and paperback books I still happen to pick up from time to time (mostly technical books which I want to quickly be able to thumb through.) For these I will still rely on weRead, unless ReadSync makes an update to allow a reader to manually add books to their bookshelf.  I think a hybrid application containing both eBooks and tangible books would satisfy all readers.  Maybe I will contact the developer and try to get that ball rolling.

Happy Reading!

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