Feb 22 2011

Dell 3115cn Multi-Function Color Laser Toner

We have a Dell 3115cn color laser printer at work.  The color toner cartridges are individual, and we buy them in these multipack deals (Dell Part #4BC3115).  The problem is that inside the box are four cartridges wrapped in that silver foil packaging and are not marked as to which color is inside.   You never have to replace all four cartridges at once, so it becomes a lottery scratcher to find the cartridge you need.

Each cartridge does have a unique part number on it, but Dell’s website has nothing, nor Google, nor Bing, and Wolfram Alpha politely told me to piss off.  For future reference, I am writing down the individual codes and the color cartridge it corresponds to.  Hopefully the search bots will pick up this post and save other owners of the 3115cn the same hassle.

I did figure out after decomposing the product numbers, that the important part is after the ‘CN-0’ bit at the beginning.  For example, if you Google PF028, you should get a link to Staples website for the Black cartridge.  Using the corresponding string section from the other cartridges yields the correct results as well.

Black: CN-0PF028-71971-958-3080

Yellow: CN-0NF555-71971-95D-7143

Magenta: CN-0MF790-71971-95D-1978

Cyan: CN-0RF012-71971-95D-8088

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    Finally I can label the cartridges w/o having to open them!

  2. Thanks – saved my day 😉

    • Eric Silva on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Glad the information helped!

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