Sep 05 2011

3M Headlight Restoration Kit (Part II)

As a follow-up to my post yesterday about my success with the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit, I got up early this morning, and did my wife’s Ford Windstar. The headlights were not in as bad of shape as those on my truck, but they definitely could benefit from a little restoration to their old glory (that is if headlights had such things). The good news is that I achieved very good results with her van as I did on my truck.  Following the same steps here is a photo journal of the progress.

After a quick wash, I masked of the headlights using green automotive masking tape.


Then I sanded off the yellow and dull areas of the lenses using the 500 grit sandpaper discs.


Next I finished off the sanding with the 800 grit discs.


Once done, I switched over to the 3000 grit trizact disc, and wet sanded the lenses until they were clear and smooth.


Once all the 800 grit scratches were no longer visible, I wiped down the headlights, and attached the buffing pad and applied a bit of rubbing compound. After giving both lenses a good buffing, I wiped off the lenses and looked at the results.


Even with mildly faded and yellowed headlights, the restoration kit did a noticeable and fantastic job bringing the clarity and shine back to the headlights. Below is a side-by-side to get the full effect of the restoration.



Once again I can’t say enough nice things about the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit, except maybe “c’est magnifique”.

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