Jun 29 2012

Droid Incredible Wipe Cache Partition

Seems like every time a new system update tries to download it fails, and I have to wipe the cache partition to get the phone to recognize that it needs to try applying the update again.

I have these steps memorized, but I thought they might be useful for someone else to have as well.

  1. Boot into recovery
    • Press and hold Power, Choose “Restart” option
    • When screen turns off, press and hold Volume Down and Power
  2. When the white HBOOT screen appears, use the volume button to move down to “RECOVERY”
  3. Press the Power button to select “RECOVERY”
  4. When the triangle and exclamation appears, hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time
  5. Using the volume button, scroll down to “Wipe cache partition” and select it
  6. Select “Reboot system now”

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  1. Pardon my ignorance but, do all Android phones follow this same procedure? Or is this hardware specific? If the latter, you may want to mention what phone you are using. (If Droid Incredible IS the phone brand name then I need that pardon…)

    • Eric Silva on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 5:32 am

    I know the procedure is the same for most (if not all) HTC phones running Android. Based upon my limited research, the procedure should work for any Android phone.

  2. Next odd question… I have a XiaoMI Cell Phone. It is a Chinese brand that I am really impressed with. I have the first model XiaoMI One which has similar specs to Samsung’s Galaxy SII, camera not quite as good but faster CPU everything else is about the same, and it runs XiaoMI’s MIUI GUI based on Android v2.3.5. I have had several updates and all have been perfectly seemless and I have never had any issues.

    The question: I was thinking of switching to pure Android and no longer using MIUI. Is it common for Androids to have these issues? I love my phone. I just have a tiny problem with reading some of the system messages that are in Chinese. The phone functions beautifully. I would just like to know what it is telling me sometimes!

    • Eric Silva on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 9:00 am

    I would imagine the ‘enhancements’ added by XiaoMi are due to the fact that they are a Chinese company and may not have added translations for all aspects of the system. You could always root the phone and install a vanilla Android OS or use a different port available from someone else.

    Also, XiaoMI states that in addition to the MIUI interface, the phone ships with two ‘native’ Android operating systems. Not sure what that means, but it should be available using the Recovery Brush.

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