Jul 20 2012

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Can’t Get Jawbone Into Pairing Mode

I was having a lot of difficulty getting my Jawbone II into pairing mode. I finally ended up carefully removing the outer plastic shield. It popped off without breaking anything and then I was able to easily press BOTH the noise shield button AND the talk button. With the plastic cover off, I was able to put my Jawbone into pairing mode on the first try!

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  1. Kelly

    Thanks that did the trick for me too. After removing the cover it was easy to get in the pair mode.

  2. Ken

    Holy cow…..that worked the very first time…..been trying to get it in pairing mode all day, tried this once and worked perfect, thanks! But wonder why it came off after been paired a long time ago.

  3. Mark

    Thanks man. Not sure why the trigger mechanism doesn’t work with the cover on, but removing it did the trick easily. Thanks much!

  4. bthibodo

    wow! thank you! I worked for hours trying to get it into the pair mode…this worked on the first try! woohoo!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow. Thanks. My story echos others. Hours spent trying to turn on pairing. Worked first time. Good design jawbone! And you get to pay a premium for that design!

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