Oct 25 2012

Albert Einstein: An in depth history of the world’s greatest mind

I recently just finished listening to the audio book of Walter Isaacson’s Einstein: His Life and Universe. It is a wonderful book.

I have been interested in Albert Einstein since I was a youth. I remember vividly writing book reports and papers on him while in grade school. Even with a modest background and understanding of the life of Albert Einstein, Walter Isaacson’s biography opened me up to a world I had not yet experienced. His research into details of Einstein’s life, now made known by the Einstein Papers Project allowed me to find a new appreciation and admiration for the great scientist and theorist. This biography lets the reader not only know about the details of Einstein’s scientific accomplishments, but also exposes the reader to the intimate details of his personal life and relationships. The audio version, narrated by Edward Herrmann is wonderful. His tone and ability to enunciate the German language allows the audio version of the book have an authenticity that was not distracting to the listener. I have no criticisms, only praise for this book. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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