Jan 11 2013

The iPad Experience

I was surprised this year when I received a new iPad for my birthday from my parents. Since they live 2000 miles away, I decided to document the opening of my present for them. No documentation is complete without photos and proper vignetting.

Before getting into the opening of the gift, I also thought I would write down why I got the iPad instead of a different tablet like the Nexus 10. I have answered this question for many, other than myself, over the years. If you want to read those thoughts, I posted them over here.

Now onto the big unveiling…

Two boxes arrived. One with the iPad and the other with the Smart Case.

What might this be?

What might this be?

Simple, clean, and crystal clear

Simple, clean, and crystal clear

Knowledgeable about the quality and detail Apple puts into their product packaging, I carefully opened the box along the taped seam. Upon opening the box, it was clear what was inside. A white box with two simple, yet sturdy, paperboard caps protecting the precious cargo.


The Package

After removing the white iPad box from the shipping box, and sliding the paperboard caps off of the ends, I turned the box over to see a near-profile picture of the iPad on the top, and the Apple logo on the opposite side.


The Specs

Turning the box over to the back, I could clearly see the iPad’s capacity, and what the contents of the box were.

  • iPad – a bit obvious, maybe; but good to know.
  • Lightning to USB Cable – Apple has engineered a way to harness the weaponry of Zeus and transfer it through a universal data bus. Similar to micro-USB, but it doesn’t care which way the plug goes in. Pros and Cons.
  • USB Power Adapter – Sleek, folding, and white
  • Supports Wi-Fi (802.11 a-n) – Non-discriminatory to frequency and bandwidth. Nice.
Gloss Black

Gloss Black

Sliding the top cover off of the box reveals the iPad. Precisely fit as if the box was constructed around the iPad. No corners cut here.

I begin to wonder what might be waiting for me underneath the iPad…

Aluminum case with fruit topping

Aluminum case with fruit topping

As I remove the iPad, I can feel the weight and build quality. First impressions are key, and this left a deep one. I was overcome with a sense of excitement as I turned over the iPad to see the brushed aluminum case with no embellishments other than the camera lens, the iconic Apple logo, and the single word, iPad; both in dark grey.

At the bottom of the iPad is the small slot for the new lightning connector. At the top is the headphone port and power button. On the right side edge is the volume control and mute switch.



The Accessories

Underneath the iPad where the instruction booklet, the lightning to USB cable and the USB power adapter; all resting snugly in their neat packaging.

I notice one thing in common with the plastic protection film around the components; they all have a neat plastic tab on them. To remove you simply pull the tab and the wrapping quickly removes itself.

Lime Green Protection

Lime Green Protection

I then opened the other box containing the Smart Case. Inside the box was the Smart Case in a transparent plastic case and a couple of those air pillows to fill the void.

Located on the back of the Smart Case packaging was the aforementioned quick release tab. I pushed the tab though the slot and the case popped open. I removed the lime green polyurethane case from the package, gave it a quick once over and popped the iPad securely into it.



To say that it fit “like a glove” would be an understatement and a disservice to the design team at Apple. The case fits perfectly, as if the iPad itself was dipped into the polyurethane to create it. The holes for the camera, volume, power, and speaker are all exactly where they should be, and the case itself does not add significant thickness or weight to the iPad. Truly remarkable.

Some Final Thoughts

Opening the iPad was a marvelous experience. I highly recommend it to everyone. I am filled with gratitude and humbled by the generosity of my parents in getting me this gift. I am lucky and blessed to have the parents I do. They mean the world to me, and have taught me everything of importance in my life. I hope to have the chance to repay them, and pay it forward to someone else.

Thank you Mom and Dad.

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