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Jun 05 2014

Camera Not Working on Mavericks

I had an issue after upgrading to Mavericks where Photo Booth, Facetime, and Skype could not detect my camera, and kept telling me there were no connected cameras. I found a fix on the Apple discussion forum that works, and I will share for anyone else that might be affected: Quit all open apps that …

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Sep 23 2013

Kryptonite for the Apple User

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Jan 11 2013

The iPad Experience

I was surprised this year when I received a new iPad for my birthday from my parents. Since they live 2000 miles away, I decided to document the opening of my present for them. No documentation is complete without photos and proper vignetting. Before getting into the opening of the gift, I also thought I …

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Jan 09 2013

Why Buy an iPad Instead of a Nexus

Why purchase an iPad (4th generation) instead of a different tablet like the Google Nexus 10? I have researched and answered this question for many, other than myself, over the past year. As a computer technology enthusiast (i.e., the geek in the family), I often am asked these sorts of technical questions; which I thoroughly enjoy researching and …

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Sep 16 2010

iTunes Ping

I just recently started using iTunes Ping, and my first impression was ‘Facebook/Twitter for Music’; pretty neat.  If you have friends on Ping, then you can follow them, and see what they are listening to and/or interested in.  Finding your ‘actual’ friends is pretty easy, since you know there name and often times e-mail, but …

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