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Nov 12 2014

Counting Items in JSON Object

For basic JSON tasks (e.g., querying, counting) I use the jq command-line utility. To get a count of the items in a JSON object use the following command: Still interested? Check out the full tutorial and the manual.

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Mar 13 2013

Computer System Validation

I just posted a presentation on SlideShare which discusses the reasons why efficient validation of computer systems used within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is needed for companies developing such software. The presentation also goes into details of why good software development practices are also required. Computer System Validation from Eric Silva

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Nov 24 2012

Recover Lost or Missing System Tray Icons in Windows

The sound volume system tray icon and a couple others mysteriously went missing on my wife’s Windows 7 laptop. After looking around in the normal areas, I noticed the volume tray icon was grayed out and off; not allowing me to turn it on. I did some researching and figured out how to wipe of …

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Jun 05 2012

I still name my hard drives

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Feb 24 2011

Code Review Does Not Have to Suck

I have been using this saying for the last 6 years, “Code Review Does Not Have to Suck”.  I just saw today that SmartBear, who makes the wonderful CodeCollaborator peer code review tool, which I also use, released a quick 3-minute video explaining this. Peer code review is a critical milestone step in any good …

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Feb 22 2011

Dell 3115cn Multi-Function Color Laser Toner

We have a Dell 3115cn color laser printer at work.  The color toner cartridges are individual, and we buy them in these multipack deals (Dell Part #4BC3115).  The problem is that inside the box are four cartridges wrapped in that silver foil packaging and are not marked as to which color is inside.   You …

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