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Nov 12 2014

Counting Items in JSON Object

For basic JSON tasks (e.g., querying, counting) I use the jq command-line utility. To get a count of the items in a JSON object use the following command: Still interested? Check out the full tutorial and the manual.

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Mar 19 2010

Simple Calendar Control for Web Application

I originally did this back in 2007, but did not want to lose the content, so I decided to put it up here. I found a robust and relatively simple calendar control to use for web UIs. It can use a pop-up window or a floating tag. I prefer the latter as it makes the …

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Nov 25 2009

Google Chrome Frame

I installed Google Chrome Frame about a month ago, and I am very impressed with how responsive and quick Internet Explorer is with JavaScript intensive web pages now.  If you use a lot of JavaScript intensive websites, e.g., Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc., you will notice a significant improvement in performance when using …

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Oct 13 2009

Windows Bulk File Move Script

We have some applications that leave files sitting in a folder location out on some file server.  Eventually the disk space gets used up, or Windows starts choking because there are too many files in a directory, etc.  To delete the ‘old’ files, a support technician will try to connect to the file share, sort …

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