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Jul 13 2010

Greenshot – free screenshot tool

After using SnagIt for several years with my old company, I was in need of an open source replacement.  After using everyone’s favorite research assistant, I found Greenshot.  It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that SnagIt has, but it has the basics which is what you use 80% of the time anyway. So …

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Mar 19 2010

Simple Calendar Control for Web Application

I originally did this back in 2007, but did not want to lose the content, so I decided to put it up here. I found a robust and relatively simple calendar control to use for web UIs. It can use a pop-up window or a floating tag. I prefer the latter as it makes the …

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Dec 14 2009

Primality Test v2.0

After feedback from some friends of mine, and doing a little bit of background research, I am writing this update to my original post last week.  As it turns out, by checking all the numbers in the form 6k ± 1  instead of checking each number up to the input value, I have increased the speed …

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Dec 10 2009

Determining if a Number is Prime

While working on some caching settings, I had a need to know if a number is prime. I wrote this little Python script which will tell you if the number defined in the script is indeed a prime.

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Dec 10 2009

Peer Code Review: An Agile Process

Smart Bear Software recently released a white paper discussing the misconception that peer code review is a hindrance to Agile development methodologies.  For anyone who regularly performs peer code reviews, would like to start performing them, or thinks they are an obstacle when it comes to Agile development should read this paper. The paper talks …

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Dec 09 2009

GWT 2.0 Released!

I just saw on my RSS that GWT 2.0 has been released.  Gonna go play now. Bye.

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Dec 06 2009

Converting a Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project to a Visual Studio 2008 Web Application Project

For anyone looking to upgrade their VS 2005 Web Application project to VS 2008, I found good walkthrough provided by Microsoft here.

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Dec 03 2009

Visual Studio 2008 and Visio for Enterprise Architects

I have started working on a new project in .NET and the Problem Domain (PD) was modeled in Visio UML.  Fantastic.  Now I wanted to forward engineer the UML into C# classes to begin development, but wait, I can’t.  I only have Visio 2007 Professional, and the forward engineering features are only available in the …

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Nov 25 2009

Google Chrome Frame

I installed Google Chrome Frame about a month ago, and I am very impressed with how responsive and quick Internet Explorer is with JavaScript intensive web pages now.  If you use a lot of JavaScript intensive websites, e.g., Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc., you will notice a significant improvement in performance when using …

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Nov 24 2009

Modeling in Color

I just finished leading the modeling session as chief architect of the problem domain (PD) for a new application, and I had forgotten how exhausting the process is.  We had a fantastic moderator who did well to keep us on point and focused toward our objective.  We have about 50 or so objects, and I …

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