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Oct 21 2009

Can’t Find Shit on Oracle’s Website

When Oracle first announced that they were acquiring BEA, the first thought that went through my head wasn’t “I wonder if Oracle AS will be dropped in favor of WebLogic.”; it was “Oh great! Now I won’t be able to find shit on the WebLogic forums too.” It’s been several months since the acquisition, but …

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Oct 13 2009

Windows Bulk File Move Script

We have some applications that leave files sitting in a folder location out on some file server.  Eventually the disk space gets used up, or Windows starts choking because there are too many files in a directory, etc.  To delete the ‘old’ files, a support technician will try to connect to the file share, sort …

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Sep 03 2009

Creately.com: Online Diagramming and Design

Pretty neat application that just went public.  In was in beta for several weeks and is a nice replacement for Microsoft Visio if you need to share and collaborate on a diagram with remote users. http://creately.com

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Mar 19 2009

Configuring WebLogic 10.3 and Active Directory

I spent the better part of the morning trying to get WebLogic 10.3 to startup and authenticate using ActiveDirectory instead of our old 8.1 custom realm. I finally did a little searching and found this great post which allowed me discover that I needed to set the control flags to Sufficient instead of Required.  Thanks. UPDATE …

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Jan 25 2009

Quickly Create Indexes on Foreign Key Columns

When using Hibernate as a ORM solution, it is natural to fall into a sense of ease with the tool and what it can do.  However, once you begin to load data into your application, there are several performance gaps that will quickly become apparent.  One of these gaps is the absence of indexes on …

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Jan 17 2008

Design Skills vs. Programming Skills

Martin Fowler posted a great article today on his bliki commenting on how in most cases a person with good design skills is more valuable to a team than a person with good programming platform skills. I read this article and even as a programmer, I completely agree with him. In my experience, finding someone …

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