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May 16 2012

Peer Code Review

Here is a presentation I created back in 2010 illustrating the benefits of peer code review in software development teams. I also discuss the Code Collaborator product from Smart Bear Software; the peer code review tool I use most regularly.   Peer Code Review

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Feb 24 2011

Code Review Does Not Have to Suck

I have been using this saying for the last 6 years, “Code Review Does Not Have to Suck”.  I just saw today that SmartBear, who makes the wonderful CodeCollaborator peer code review tool, which I also use, released a quick 3-minute video explaining this. Peer code review is a critical milestone step in any good …

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Dec 10 2009

Peer Code Review: An Agile Process

Smart Bear Software recently released a white paper discussing the misconception that peer code review is a hindrance to Agile development methodologies.  For anyone who regularly performs peer code reviews, would like to start performing them, or thinks they are an obstacle when it comes to Agile development should read this paper. The paper talks …

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