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Oct 29 2015

Update all Python pip packages

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Oct 11 2012

Restoring Your Python Registry in Windows

For some odd reason the Python registry occasionally disappears, and when it does it prevents one from being able to install new modules via the Windows MSI installer. Here is a quick fix that can be done to restore the registry and allow you to get back to writing some awesome Python code. First step …

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Dec 14 2009

Primality Test v2.0

After feedback from some friends of mine, and doing a little bit of background research, I am writing this update to my original post last week.  As it turns out, by checking all the numbers in the form 6k ± 1  instead of checking each number up to the input value, I have increased the speed …

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Dec 10 2009

Determining if a Number is Prime

While working on some caching settings, I had a need to know if a number is prime. I wrote this little Python script which will tell you if the number defined in the script is indeed a prime.

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Oct 30 2009

PyXML for Python 2.5

I was looking for a version of PyXML for Python 2.5 and had some difficulty due to the project being unmaintained.  I was able to find someone that compiled PyXML 0.8.4 for Python 2.5.  You can find it here.

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