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Nov 29 2012

Windows Vista Failed to Start – Status: 0xc000014c

I am sure someone else has figured this out already, but I thought I would post my solution for fixing this problem. It started out with a co-worker telling me his Windows Vista laptop would not startup after a recent Windows Update. I asked about Safe Mode, and Restoring the Last Known Good Configuration. He …

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Nov 24 2012

Recover Lost or Missing System Tray Icons in Windows

The sound volume system tray icon and a couple others mysteriously went missing on my wife’s Windows 7 laptop. After looking around in the normal areas, I noticed the volume tray icon was grayed out and off; not allowing me to turn it on. I did some researching and figured out how to wipe of …

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Nov 19 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

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Oct 11 2012

Restoring Your Python Registry in Windows

For some odd reason the Python registry occasionally disappears, and when it does it prevents one from being able to install new modules via the Windows MSI installer. Here is a quick fix that can be done to restore the registry and allow you to get back to writing some awesome Python code. First step …

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Jul 06 2012

Creating Symbolic Links in Windows 7

When I need to create a symbolic link (symlink) in Windows 7, I always forget how. Hopefully by sharing this information, I will be able to retain it. To create a symbolic link in Windows 7, we can use the mklink command that comes with Windows 7. Typically you want to create a symbolic link …

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Jun 21 2012

When was Windows installed?

Ever wanted to know when Windows was installed on a computer? Simply open a command prompt and type the following command: This command will display the date and time when the installation occurred.

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Jul 15 2010

Really Slick OpenGL Screen Savers

Tired of the boring screen savers that come with Windows and haven’t changed since Windows 3.1?  Take a look at Really Slick Screensavers for some cool OpenGL savers available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS X.

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Oct 13 2009

Windows Bulk File Move Script

We have some applications that leave files sitting in a folder location out on some file server.  Eventually the disk space gets used up, or Windows starts choking because there are too many files in a directory, etc.  To delete the ‘old’ files, a support technician will try to connect to the file share, sort …

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