Be Prepared for Any Old Thing

What’s the Scout motto?

That’s right, ‘Be Prepared.’ It was started by a man, Robert Baden-Powell, who founded the Scouting movement over 100 years ago. He was an English general who took the first Scouts camping back in 1907. He was a most interesting man.

Baden-Powell was once asked what the motto meant. What is a Scout supposed to be prepared for? ‘Why any old thing,’ Baden-Powell replied.

That’s a tall order. Life holds a lot of surprises and we can’t be prepared for all of them. But in Scouting, Scouts (and leaders too!) learn how to handle many surprises and crises. They learn how to give first aid, how to live comfortably outdoors, give service to their community and nation, clean up their environment, do Good Turns for people and a host of other things. With guidance, they also learn to be prepared to make choices between right and wrong, and to live their lives following the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

Preparing young men and women for life is what Scouting is all about. We as leaders promise to “Do Our Best” to help prepare Scouts for any old thing.

Thank you all for being here tonight and doing what you do for Scouting and to help our Scouts “Be Prepared”. Your efforts are appreciated and valued by your fellow leaders, and most importantly, the Scouts you come in contact with, even if they don’t realize it yet.