Obstacles and Opportunities

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a pretty good king. And, through this kingdom, there was a road. And, on this road, there was a big rock right in the middle of the road.

One of the king’s ambassadors returning from a trip complained about how the kingdom was going to pot and rode his horse around the rock.

A rich merchant came by and complained about the delay as his driver slowly edged around the rock and hurried on.

A countess in her carriage whined that the king should take better care of the road system.

Many other people came by and went around the rock throughout the day. Then, a poor peasant came by carrying a large load of vegetables he hoped to sell in the market.

When he approached the rock, he set down his burden. He pushed and pulled at the rock until he finally got it moved to the side of the road. Where the rock had been was a leather purse. The peasant opened it and saw many gold coins and a note.

The note read, “These coins are a reward for your efforts to improve our kingdom. Signed, the King”

Taking time to fix a problem is better than just complaining about the problem.