Was Santa Claus a Scout?

With Christmas upon us, I thought tonight I would try to answer an age-old question regarding Santa Claus: Is it possible that Santa Claus was a Scout?

Let’s take a look at how The Old Man stacks up against the Scout Law:

  • Trustworthy – You certainly can trust that Santa will show up every year, just like he promises.
  • Loyal – He’s very dedicated to his craft and his mission. Imagine the disappointment if he wasn’t loyal to his work.
  • Helpful – saves many Dads from last-minute shopping. Dads are notorious for leaving things to the last minute, just ask a mom.
  • Friendly – how many adults would let millions of children sit on their lap and listen to what they want? And smile while doing it?
  • Courteous – He always says “Thank You” for the billions of calories he gets in milk and cookies each year.
  • Kind – delivering gifts to children is a great act of kindness. Except for the drum sets. That’s not too kind, at least to the parents.
  • Obedient – I emailed Mrs. Claus on this one. No reply, but seeing he’s been married for all those years, I’m going to bet he does what she tells him.
  • Cheerful – Ho Ho Ho. Need I say more?
  • Thrifty – makes his own toys. Saves a bundle on shipping alone.
  • Brave – would you get in a magic sleigh pulled by reindeer and fly? Me neither.
  • Clean – not sure how he does it, but that red suit looks great even after the millionth chimney has been gone down
  • Reverent – does his thing on a very special night for his religion and represents the spirit of the day.

…So fellow leaders, it looks like Santa Claus may indeed have been a Scout.

This time of year, no matter what holiday you celebrate, remember that doing our best every day and living the Scout Oath and Law is what really makes each of us a Scout as well!

Thank you for all you do for Scouting. I wish you all a happy holiday season, good health, and peace.