Tent-in Day 2

It’s been 30 hours since I entered my tent as a participant in the Hawk Mountain Council’s “Virtual” Tent-In. Instead of “virtual” I went with “literal” and “physical”. Instead of having people donate money to “bail me out” I asked people to donate to keep me locked up.

Over $3,000 raised by me, and $37,000 raised by the council. It was a huge success, and a 100% team effort to accomplish it.

While inside my tent I took on many challenges. All of which are now immortalized on the internet via my YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram.

I tied knots, cooked meals, sang songs, watched F1, Star Wars, and Netflix, and also got a haircut. I drank 8 cups of coffee, ate a pizza, slept eight hours, reflected on my innermost thoughts, and had a fantastic time through it all.

Thank you to my family, co-workers, and fellow Scouters for helping me make this a success. Until we see each other on the trail once again. Stay safe, be kind, and look out for one another.